Welcome to Maxsun Group. Our company is comprised of 3 divisions, Maxsun Furnishings, Maxsun Lighting, & Maxsun Packaging. Feel free to browse through each site. If you have any questions please let us know. Thank you.

Maxsun Furnishings
We specialize in commercial seating and table for businesses such as restaurants, hotels, bars, lounges, and .etc. Whether you are looking to replace one or all of your seating and tables at your establishment be sure to check out our large selection and competitive prices. We won’t be beaten.

Maxsun Lighting
Lighting décor is critical in every establishment, whether it be a restaurant, hotel, or home. It adds the final touch that allows everything else to flow together. Our huge selection of pendants, wall scones, chandeliers, lamps, and more, will match any customer’s needs. Be sure to check out our entire line of Green Energy Saving LED Lights.

Maxsun Packaging

Every food service and retail establishment can benefit from more advertising and branding. Why not on the bag your customer leaves with? At Maxsun Packaging, we can custom print and make packaging products with business’s name and logo, allowing you to maximize market exposure and develop brand value.